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Providing life-saving medical treatment for needy street animals in Varanasi
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Rescued dog recovering after surgery

For a sick or injured animal, follow these tips:

What To Expect

Our rescue team may need to pick up the animal in one of our two ambulances and transport it back to our clinic for surgery and other care.

In some cases, we can provide care on-site. This is especially true for larger animals like cows, bulls, and donkeys.

In other cases, it is best if you can bring the injured or sick animal to our clinic. Contact us first. Our rescue team can advise on the best option. If you need to transport an animal, click here for directions.

Dr Deepak performing surgery

With skill and compassion, we have seen miraculous recoveries.

Our trained rescue team, led by Dr. Deepak Singh, has responded to thousands of calls for help for injured and sick street animals.

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Volunteer as a First Aid Animal Responder

In addition to our rescue team, we offer first aid training for Community Responders. If you live in Varanasi and want to get trained and certified to be a hero for animals, click here.

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